More than 70% of riders agree:

“One misuse of turn signal could be your last”

Meet Smart turn system –

The first self-canceling turn signal system for EVERY motorcycle that automatically cancels turn signals when the maneuver is completed.


Motorcyclists are 25 times more likely to be killed in an accident, and they are 5 times more likely to be injured.


Motorcyclists find themselves in danger due to misuse of turn signal.


Riders agree self canceling system should be mandatory on every motorcycle.

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What maneuvers does it cover?

Left or Right Turn

Comprehensive algorithm detects whether a rider has made a left or a right turn.


STS recognises specific movement of vehicle exiting a roundabout.

Change of Lane

Precise parameters enable the device to detect even when the rider changes a lane.

I can focus on the road in front of me because the system resets itself for me.

What separates STS from any other self canceling system?

Smart Turn System continuously monitors, processes and stores information about vehicle heading, inclination, vibration and acceleration.

With 300 data elements processed every second it brings supreme accuracy, reliability and consequently safety.




You come out of the turn and there is nothing to do, you just get on driving the bike. Wonderful.

STS vs. OTHER self canceling systems (SCS)!

STS is the first system that actualy recognises maneuver not using predetermined constants such as time, distance, bank angle, …



L/R turn *

Roundabout *

Change of lane *



L/R turn *

Roundabout *

Change of lane *

It works instantly, not after 10 meters, not after certain angle, it just works.

How can STS make your motorcycle smarter

  • is simple and reliable
  • never cancels turn signals prematurely
  • can be installed on almost every motorcycle
  • won't cancel if you are standing before intersection
  • has one year warranty plus sixty (60) days money back guarantee
  • will not affect any part of your motorcycle, other than your turn signals
  • doesn’t forget to cancel turn signals or cancel them long after maneuver was completed
  • has a safety feature and cancels after 12s of movement if you accidentally turned on indicators or changed your mind

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It does all the things you said it would, including cancelling after an overtake maneuver.

How to install

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